The Flow Informatics and Computational Cytometry Society (FICCS) connects people sharing interest in new software tools, methods, and standards for flow cytometry. Members of the society represent a cross-disciplinary international collaborative group of bioinformaticists, computational statisticians, software and hardware developers and clinician scientists, from both academia and industry.

FlowCAP II call for participants!
To register and obtain download information for the FlowCAP-2 datasets please send an email to flowcap@flowsite.org. In FlowCAP-2, we have avoided using manual gates where possible. In challenges that manual gates are still used as gold standards, the gates will be extensively reviewed by experts before and after the evaluation of the algorithms. A full description of the challenges is available here. The deadline for submission of results is August 31, 2011. An NIH/NIAID-sponsored summit will be held for participants at the NIH campus from 22 to 23 Sept 2011. Details will be announced later, check out the meeting page for more info.
Interested in joining FICCS?
The Flow Informatics and Computational Cytometry Society is open to community participation. Membership is free of charge to anyone who is interested in contributing to our efforts. Please use the registration link in the sidebar. If you’d like to contact us with any question or to inquire further details by using our contact page.
Interested in joining the mailing list?
We have a mailing list, flowcyt-devel, provided via a SourceForge.net version of GNU Mailman. Please have a look at it if you want to parse the archives and/or Subscribe/Unsubscribe.